Actual Tools products are innovative utilities for organizing the Windows® desktop via extended window manipulation capability for more convenient and enjoyable work with your computer. The productivity of your work is a direct function of the number of windows you are able to effectively operate and control as compared with the amount of time and effort you waste on the unnecessary manual manipulation of those same windows. Actual Tools products provide the tools, with which you can vastly improve your ability to quickly, easily, and automatically manipulate the windows on your system, avoid wasted effort and gain access to new control features and automatic performance of many routine actions.

Extended Window Control

The Microsoft® Windows® operating system provides dozens of useful window control features but, unfortunately, most of them are intended for use by software developers and can only be accessed by programmers. Actual Tools products not only make these control features readily available to the end-user but they can apply them to almost any application - despite the fact that a particular application offers no native, internal support for them. In addition, Actual Tools programs provide some additional handy functions developed exclusively for them.

Automatic Window Handling

There are a great many routine window operations which the user performs manually himself, like moving a window to a specific location on the desktop, resizing it to a more convenient size, or minimizing it to a taskbar button. While it might seem to the experienced user that he is performing these operations almost unconsciously the cumulative amount of time he spends doing them is actually quite significant. At first thought, as small as the amount of time might seem to be to perform any one of these routine actions consider, for example, the total time expended in transcribing a phone number from a note on a scrap of paper to a document or field on your screen: the time it takes to actually type the number is very small compared with the overall process of diverting your attention away from the monitor to the note, committing the number to short-term memory, returning your attention to the monitor and then finally entering the number from your keyboard. In short, the process is considerably more protracted than it might first seem. Now imagine what it would be like to simply be able to type the number from memory without having to reference the note! It is this kind of power and functionality that Actual Tools programs afford the busy user. By automating these routine operations Actual Tools program will help dispense with the petty annoyances that hinder your work and allow you achieving maximum productivity.

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