Getting Started

Any Actual Tools program consists of two separate, integrated programs: the Control Center and the Configuration Module.

Control Center

The Control Center is a small, memory-resident application, which constantly monitors window activity from its icon in the system tray and features a context-sensitive set of menu commands. The Control Center uses the configuration defined within the Configuration Module to control the precise behavior of each window you specify. In other words, the Configuration Module provides access to all Actual Tools program's features while the Control Center brings these features to life. For easy access to the additional features available via the Control Center, make sure the Enable tray icon check box displays a checkmark.

You can start the Control Center in either of the following ways:

Configuration Module

The Configuration Module is an ordinary Windows® application that has a standard user interface designed for creating/changing Actual Tools program's configuration.

You can start the Configuration Module in either of the following ways:

  • click Start, select All Programs, select Actual Window Manager, click the Configuration item

  • left double click the Control Center's tray icon or right click this icon and select Configure... in its context menu

Once you have the Configuration Module started you can: