Upgrading from Previous Versions

If you are a registered user of any Actual Tools product of version earlier than 8.0 then please read the following carefully.

Before the version 8.0, Actual Tools Upgrade Policy was version-based: each new major version required a new registration code.

Since the version 8.0, Actual Tools Upgrade Policy becomes subscription-based: registering the program gives the user automatic subscription for free updates (no matter minor or major ones) for a certain period (currently - a year, beginning from the day of purchase). When this subscription expires, the user can continue to use the last actual version of the program as long as he/she likes but to get further updates, the user needs to purchase another registration code to prolong the subscription for free updates for one more year. When purchasing subsequent registration codes, users are entitled to a special discount.

To view your upgrade options and actual upgrade cost, please visit our Upgrade Center by clicking the Upgrade button.

If you are upgrading from the version 4.0 or later, there are no special actions required: your current configuration will be automatically used as is.

If you are upgrading from the version earlier than 4.0 then please contact our Customer Support Service for more information,

Hint  You can control the AutoUpdate feature and its options here.