Control Center Tools

Control Center tools provide some service functions of global window management. Here is the complete list of tools currently available in Actual Tools programs:

Default Audio Device Switcher - allows to change the default audio device in two clicks.
Desktop Icons Manager - lets you preserve the habitual order of icons on your desktop.
Drag to Scroll (Hand) - allows to scroll windows by pressing and holding the specified mouse button anywhere within a scrollable area and dragging the mouse in a required direction.
Easy Windows Dragging/Sizing - simplifies and speeds up the most common window operations.
Exposé Task Switcher - provides an alternative user interface solution for task switching borrowed from Mac OS X.
Lock Mouse in Monitor - lets you lock the mouse pointer within a current monitor in two ways: hard or soft.
Quick Window Settings - displays special dialog where you can in a moment set up desired window's appearance using most of Actual Window Manager features combined together in an aggregated view.
Scroll Inactive Windows - allows to scroll windows with the mouse wheel without the need to activate them first.
Unhide - provides unified access to all alternatively minimized windows.
Window Thumbnails - generates a small preview thumbnail for each window and displays it as enhanced visual tip.
Windowed Windows 8 (Modern, Metro) Apps - allows to toggle new Windows 8/8.1-style applications into windowed mode and run them along with usual applications on the old good Windows Desktop.
Windows Layout - automatically preserves the overall relative layout of currently opened windows after a change of desktop resolution.
Windows Monitoring Log - tracks each new window appearance, retrieves this window's properties and stores them into the log file.
Wrap the Desktop - warps the mouse pointer automatically to the opposite edge of desktop when trying to drag the mouse beyond a desktop boundary.