Default Audio Device Switcher

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Multiple Monitors.

The Default Audio Device Switcher Control Center tool lets quickly switch the audio device used in the system by default for sound output, if you have more than one audio hardware device installed in your PC. Most modern video cards have embedded audio hardware to support such combined video/audio output standards as HDMI or DisplayPort.

To change the default audio device, simply press the special service hotkey (<Win+Ctrl+A> by default) and select the required device in the popped up context menu (either by using the <Up/Down> arrow keys and pressing <Enter> or by simply pressing the device number key).

Default Audio Device popup menu
Figure 1. Default Audio Device popup menu

Switching default audio device can be useful when you have a TV set connected to your PC, and it is located in another room. To view a movie on this TV set, simply switch your default audio device to that one your TV set is connected to. Then you can simply restore the default audio device back.

Default Audio Device Switcher tool is available all the time the Control Center is running.