Drag to Scroll (Hand)

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Multiple Monitors, Actual Title Buttons, Actual Window Menu.

The Drag to Scroll (Hand) Control Center tool provides handy and ergonomic method to observe the contents of scrollable windows using the mouse. Usually, you must place the mouse pointer over a thumb box of the required scroll bar, click the left mouse button and, holding it, drag the thumb box up or down (depending on what part of a document you want to view).

With the Drag to Scroll tool enabled, scrolling is much easier: just place the mouse pointer anythere within the scrollable area, press the activation shortcut and drag the mouse in the required direction. Activation shortcut is a combination of a specified mouse button (right by default) and keyboard modifiers (special keys like Win, Ctrl, Shift or Alt), which you must press together to make the Drag to Scroll tool active (it will stay active while you keep this combination pressed).

Such approach to scrolling is much more natural and intuitive because it resembles the way you would drag a real paper scroll: grasp it by any accessible point (press the activation shortcut) and, holding the grasp (keeping the activation shortcut pressed), move your hand (drag the mouse) up/down or left/right. That's why another name of this tool is Hand.

You can enable the Drag to Scroll (Hand) tool and define the activation shortcut in the Drag and Scroll options panel.