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Hello, John Smith.

I'm glad to inform you that our Beta Testing section has been updated: beta 1 of Actual Window Manager 6.5 and Actual Multiple Monitors 3.2 are available there for downloading and testing.

In these betas, we are glad to offer customizable mouse actions (see below for more details).

Beta 1 expiration date:

April 15, 2011
Actual Window Manager
6.5 beta 1
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Actual Multiple Monitors
3.2 beta 1
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Issue contents:


Custom Mouse Actions

The well-known feature has been improved in this version (yet in Actual Window Manager only):

  • now it's possible to customize the click spot for a certain action
    Customize the click spot for mouse action

  • you can create your own actions for clicks on available spots (such standard window parts as title bar, title icons, Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons) - just click the button and select the required action from the drop-down list
    Customize the click spot for mouse action

    This will add a new item to the list of mouse actions, and then you will be able to customize the click properties (modifier keys, mouse button, click spot) and the action's parameters (if the selected action has any).

You can create as many mouse actions for a certain window action as you need (for example, several clicks for the Resize action with different window sizes - on different spots or with different modifiers).
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New Window Action - Mirror

The Mirroring feature introduced in the previous version has got an usability improvement in this beta: now it's possible to create mirrors for windows on the fly - either via special Mirror title button title button, window menu command or hotkey (Win-Ctrl-M by default).

You can add the button or window menu command to any window by default or just to some specific windows. In the button's options you can customize the properties of the mirror window that will appear after clicking the button:

Mirror button options

First click on the button will create the mirror window, next clicks will pause/unpause the mirror image's refreshing. Right click on the button will display its context menu which can be used to control the mirror window:

Mirror context menu

The Stop mirror command will close the mirror window.
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Minor Fixes and Improvements

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That's all at the moment, thank you for your time! Waiting for any kind of feedback from you at our Beta Testing forum section or on e-mail - you are always welcome!

Yours sincerely,

Alex Fadeyev
Actual Tools

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