What's New in Actual Window Manager 8.10 Beta 1

[!] Important
[+] New
[-] Fixed error
[*] Changes

Actual Window Manager 8.10 beta 1 (23.09.2016)
[+] The long-awaited and many times requested feature to group Windows Explorer
    windows into a single container window with tabs (where each tab corresponds
    to a certain folder) is added.

    The way it looks and works is similar to modern web browsers, like Google
    Chrome or Mozilla Firefox:

    - you can open a new tab by clicking the Plus button

    - you can drag tabs within a container window to change their order

    - you can drag a tab out of a container to create another container

    - you can close a tab by clicking its Close button or by middle click on its

    - you can close the entire container so all its tabs will also be closed

    Note: This feature binds Windows Explorer windows to be always placed into
    a container so there will be no "free" Explorer windows.

    You can enable/disable this feature in the "Files and Folders - Tabbed
    Explorer" panel.

[-] Windows 10: Search box in the system taskbar got reset to Search button
    at each startup of Actual Window Manager.