[actualtools.com] New version 5.4 - Windows 7 Aero Snap, Window Thumbnails, Multi-monitor Wallpaper/Screen Saver and much more!

Good day, John Smith!

Finally, after some forced delay, I'm very glad to announce that our main line of products has been updated to version 5.4 (this is a minor update which is free for all registered users), and the Actual Virtual Desktops product has been updated to version 2.0 (which, though being a major update, is free too for all registered users).

Here are the contents of this issue:


New Features

Below is the comparison chart of features implemented in this version. Place the mouse pointer over feature's name to see its short description or click on feature's name to get more information on it in our Online User Manual:

Feature Available in
Actual Multiple Monitors Actual Title Buttons Actual Virtual Desktops Actual Window Manager Actual Window Menu Actual Window Minimizer
Windows 7 Aero Snap emulation + +   + +  
Virtual Desktops Switcher     + +    
+ + + + + +
Multi-monitor Background Wallpaper +     +    
Multi-monitor Screen Saver +     +    
Desktop Icons Manager +     +    


Fixes and Improvements

Core Engine Improvement

This improvement is aimed to result in applying the actions at window's startup before the window becomes visible. This must remove the annoying blink effect when changing window placement at startup and therefore make the work more smooth and natural.

Re-ordering Buttons on the Primary Taskbar

Since the version 5.4 this feature:

  • works under Windows 2000;
  • works even if the main taskbar's Group similar taskbar buttons option is turned on;
  • can be turned off.

Compatibility with Popular 3rd-party Products

Also, we have fixed some compatibility issues with some popular pieces of software, such as:

Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • the Multi-monitor Taskbar extension is made compatible with Windows 7 (not fully but now it looks much better than before);
  • the Multi-monitor Taskbar/Task Switcher windows don't disappear in Windows 7 when the Aero Peek mode is activated;
  • the Multi-monitor Task Switcher extension is compatible with the TaskSwitch XP PowerToy utility;
  • title buttons have stopped responding to mouse clicks in full screen applications (like games);
  • the compatibility with Microsoft Flight Simulator X is fixed.


How to Upgrade

Version You Currently Use New Registration Code Required Upgrade Type What to Do
3.x or 4.x Yes Paid Visit our Upgrade Center and enter there your original registration code - you'll be provided the special link to purchase the new registration code with the significant discount
5.x or Actual Virtual Desktops 1.x no Free Simply download the new version of the product you currently use and install it


Hope the new version will be of great use for you! We are always glad to receive any feedback from our customers so that if you have any questions, thoughts, ideas or suggestions regarding our products - please share them with us: either send an e-mail, visit our forums or use the feedback form.


Alex Fadeyev,
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