Desktop Profiles Manager

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Multiple Monitors.

The Desktop Profiles Manager feature gives you the enhanced control on Windows Desktop appearance, especially when using multiple monitors: it allows you create as many desktop profiles as you need and switch between them in a flash.

Desktop profile is a named group of various Windows Desktop settings applied at once when the profile is activated. Each profile includes:

  • the number of displays available on your machine;

  • the relative layout of displays (i.e. the position of each display within the composite desktop);

  • per display information:

    • display resolution (its logical width and height in pixels);
    • display color depth (how many colors certain display is able to show at once - 256, 65K or 16M);
    • display refresh rate (how many times in second the displayed picture is renewed);
    • is certain display a part of Windows Desktop or not;
    • is certain display primary or not (primary display always has the (0,0) coordinates for its top-left corner, and other displays' positions are always relative to primary).

It is clear that you can adjust all these settings in the "Settings" tab of general Windows "Display Properties" dialog. But with the help of Desktop Profiles Manager you can create and store several independent groups of settings with different values - profiles - and activate them as the need arises. Moreover, when you activate the desktop profile, all these stored settings are applied at once so that you don't need to manually adjust the settings of each display when circumstances require another configuration of your desktop. With different profiles you will be able to change the layout of displays (e.g. from horizontal to vertical), exclude particular displays from composing the Windows Desktop, change their properties on a per display basis, etc. In addition to these basic properties, Desktop Profiles Manager provides the advanced Background and Screen Saver options for the users of multiple display configurations.

The Desktop Profiles Manager feature is available all the time the Control Center is running; you can switch between profiles via special popup menu and manage the list of profiles and their properties in the Desktop Profiles panel.