Multi-monitor Screen Saver

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Multiple Monitors.

The Multi-monitor Screen Saver feature allows getting advantage from several displays when running almost any screen saver (even if it has no special multi-monitor support): you can either stretch any screen saver over the entire composite desktop or specify individual screen savers for each display.

Hint  Stretching a single screen saver better suits for nearly placed monitors aligned horizontally or vertically, inspiring the continuality and uniformness of all available screen space, which can significantly improve the overall look-and-feel of your desktop. Specifying individual screen savers for different monitors is recommended when you use each monitor for a separate purpose: different savers will help you to instantly distinguish such monitors visually.

Important note!  Not all existing screen savers are compatible with this feature. To be compatible, a screen saver must be able to run in a preview window.