September 3, 2010

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Alex Fadeyev
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How to Play StarCraft II on Dual Monitors

Simple but effective trick provided by Actual Multiple Monitors 2.3 that makes playing StarCraft II in a multiple displays environment more convenient and pleasant.

Most of StarCraft II players prefer the "Fullscreen" display mode because it provides the fastest video output and the smoothest game experience. However, as the game does not support multiple monitors those users who have more than one monitor quickly discover that the fullscreen StarCraft II occupies the primary display only. The secondary monitor (or monitors) stays free for some parallel activity (like web surfing, chatting or even working). There are some obstacles though for such kind of playing:

  • while active, the fullscreen StarCraft 2 locks the mouse within its host screen, so the user is unable to operate windows on other screens
  • if the user presses Alt-Tab trying to switch to another window - the game will minimize automatically, thus blocking the ability to observe its state in background
  • the minimization/restoration of the fullscreen StarCraft 2 is time-consuming, as the game is resource-intensive and it should release the used resources when it becomes inactive and renew them upon re-activation

Actual Multiple Monitors 2.3 offers the simple but effective solution:

  • launch Actual Multiple Monitors 2.3
  • launch StarCraft II
  • press AMM's special Ignore Deactivation hotkey (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-I by default)

This will unlock the mouse (so that the user will be able to move it easily over the entire desktop) and prevent the StarCraft II minimization if the user activates another window. This trick results in a smooth transition from playing to another activity and back. To get more information on this and other tricks of playing StarCraft II on dual monitors, please read the online article How to Play StarCraft II on Dual Monitors: Tips and Tricks.


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Actual Multiple Monitors runs on all Windows® platforms since Windows 2000 (including 64-bit editions) and costs $29.95 (USD) for a single-user license. Discounts for volume buyers are available (please, refer to Additional information on Actual Multiple Monitors, a collection of tutorial articles and success stories, as well as a 30-day evaluation copy is available from


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