[actualtools.com] New version 2.1 of Actual Multiple Monitors - Windows 7 Pin, Background Slideshow and more

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Hello, John Smith.

I'm glad to inform you that we have released the new version 2.1 of our most innovative and fast evolving product - Actual Multiple Monitors!

This version, though being a minor update, offers truly amazing features. Here is a short list of most important changes (the full changelog can be viewed here):

  • The Multi-monitor Taskbar extension now supports the smart Windows 7 features: Pin and Peek. Pin works on any system since Windows 2000 (but on secondary taskbars only), Peek is available under Windows 7 only. In addition, under Windows 7 secondary taskbars now can display captions on their buttons if the "Show captions" option is enabled for the primary Taskbar.

    How to enable the Pin to Taskbar ability

  • The Multi-monitor Background Wallpaper extension now supports the Slideshow mode. In this mode you can specify an arbitrary set of image sources (either individual picture files or folders with images). The program then combines images from all specified sources into a single playlist and rotates it on desktop's background with a specified time interval. You can either run a slideshow on the entire desktop or set up separate slideshows on different monitors.

  • Those who switched to Actual Multiple Monitors from UltraMon (or planning such switch) will surely appreciate the new items in tray icon's menu: Manage Secondary and Set Primary. Manage Secondary submenu allows toggling the secondary displays on/off one by one or all at once:

    Manage Secondary Displays submenu

    The Disable/Enable all... commands can also be invoked via hotkey combinations (please note that they are turned off by default):

    Disable/Enable All Secondary Displays hotkeys

    Set Primary submenu allows switching the primary display on the fly:

    Set Primary Display submenu

  • Sometimes there arises a need to transfer windows from one monitor to another. The new version introduces the quick way to do this - new items in secondary taskbar's context menu:

    Set Primary Display submenu

  • The new Monitors Layout and Settings tab has been added: now you can adjust your displays' current layout and settings right in the Actual Multiple Monitors Settings window. No need to create a new profile or open the system Display Properties dialog window!

Being a minor update, this version is free for registered customers. If you are a registered customer then you can simply download and install it over your existing version without any additional efforts. In case you have any questions regarding this new version - please contact our Customer Support Service.

Others are welcome to try Actual Multiple Monitors for 30 days for free and see all the advantages it brings to a day-to-day computer use. Visit our website now: http://www.actualtools.com/multiplemonitors/!

Yours sincerely,

Alex Fadeyev,
Actual Tools

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