[actualtools.com] Actual Window Manager 5.5 beta 1 is available!

Greetings, John Smith!

The development of Actual Tools never stops: our Beta Testing section again has some new stuff - the 1st beta of the upcoming Actual Window Manager 5.5 is available there now.

Download Actual Window Manager 5.5 beta 1!

In this issue:

Windows 7 will hit the retail market very soon, and it looks and works great! Also, it appears to be a huge relief for console windows fans: in this beta we present the full support of console windows in Windows 7, and this support does not require additional helper modules! No more sofisticated low-level system tricks, no more annoying UAC popups! Moreover, you can make any console window transparent or ghosted - finally, they are treated as normal windows, and all advanced Actual Tools features can be applied to them without any restrictions. Kowtow to Microsoft! :)

Another feature I'd like to announce in this beta will definitely please the multi-monitor users: the Multi-monitor Taskbar extension now supports the primary Taskbar's toolbars (like Quick Launch, Desktop, Media Player or whatever you have installed in your system)! Just right-click any secondary taskbar, then select the required toolbar in the "Toolbars" submenu - and your favorite toolbar becomes available on each and every monitor.

Multi-monitor users also may find useful two new additions to the Move to Monitor action:

  • it's included into the list of Startup actions in the Default settings, i.e. you can specify which monitor all windows should be placed on by default. This may be useful, for example, if you have one monitor devoted to important work applications and other monitor for occasional programs: create specific settings for important applications and place them onto the monitor #1, then enable the Move to Monitor at Startup in the Default settings and specify there monitor #2 as target - and no occasional window will appear on monitor #1!

  • you can specify the "Primary" value for the Target monitor option, i.e. windows will always be placed onto the primary display disregarding which actual number it has in the list of devices.

Some time after releasing the version 5.4, it's been discovered that the core engine improvement introduced there for preventing the annoying blink effect when changing window placement at startup is incompatible with some windows. Now it's possible either to activate the alternative mode of preventing this blink effect or to disable this prevention completely if it results in malfunctioning of certain applications.

If you still don't use the Custom Window Size dialog - it's time to give it a try: now it displays the actual window dimensions calculated for all basic measure units (pixels, percent of current monitor, percent of desktop) and allows specifying the required window size in any of these units.

As usual - bugfixes for dessert:

At last, I'm happy that I don't have to remind the basic principles of our beta testing policy: from now, our beta versions know that they are beta versions and they can tell you about it! :) Just open the About dialog to see how many days remain until the beta expiration. Okay - the principles (just to keep the tradition :) ):

  • Beta versions have an expiration date which they can't be used after.

    The beta 1 of Actual Window Manager 5.5 will expire on November 15, 2009.

  • When the beta version expires you should either roll back to the last stable release, update your beta to a new one (if available), or upgrade to a new stable release (if available).

And just to mention: now our beta versions provide the internal error reporting service. So that if some fatal error occurs you will see the special query asking you to send us the error report. Please don't hesitate - this report contains no private information whereas the error information could be invaluable for us. Many thanks in advance for your co-operation!

That's all, thank you for your time! Waiting for any kind of feedback from you at our Beta Testing forum section - you are always welcome!


Alex Fadeyev,
Actual Tools

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