[ANN] Actual Tools 5.1 - With Virtual Desktops Manager!

Dear John Smith,

I'm glad to inform you that we have released the minor update of our line of products to version 5.1.

In this version we proudly present the eagerly awaited extension of Actual Window Manager functionality - the ability to define and manage so-called "virtual desktops". Virtual desktops are logical groups of windows displayed or hidden together when you switch from one group ("desktop") to another. There are already many third-party utilities providing such ability but we offer it along with all other Actual Window Manager advanced features: you can place a window to desired virtual desktop at window's startup, then move windows between those desktops either via extra title button or via extra window menu command. Each virtual desktop can have its own wallpaper picture and can be activated via custom hotkey combination. You can define as many virtual desktops as you need.

Also here is the short list of other updates (the full list of changes is available here):

  • Multi-selection edit mode (editing the several Specific Settings at once)

    This feature should be of great use in case you want to assign the same value to a certain property in several Specific Settings items in the Configuration window: just select the desired items in the Navigation Pane, then open the desired property sheet and enter the needed value - and it will be automatically assigned to all selected items. To select several items, press and hold the <Ctrl> key, then use the left mouse click on the desired Specific Settings items in the Navigation Pane. To cancel the multi-selection edit mode, you can click on any item in the Navigation Pane without the <Ctrl> key held pressed.

    You should consider the following notes when using the multi-selection edit mode:

    • you can deselect any item (thus, excluding it from a multi-selection) in a same way you select it - press and hold the <Ctrl> key and click the left mouse button on it (please note that the item that was selected when you start the multi-selection cannot be deselected in such way)
    • when all selected items have the same value in a certain property it appears as is but if at least one of selected items has different value for this property it will appear undefined: empty in edit boxes and combo boxes, undefined in check boxes (grayed), unselected in radio buttons (all buttons have no mark on them), zero in track bars
    • if you modify any property in a multi-selection edit mode the same change will be made to all selected Specific Settings items

  • Custom tray/screen icon

    This feature allows replacing the default window icon with a specified one when a window is minimized to the system tray or on the screen; when window is restored back its default icon is restored too.

  • Some minor improvements

    - the custom hotkeys for standard "Minimize" and "Maximize/Restore" Windows commands are added (by default <Win+Down>/<Win+Up> accordingly)
    - the compatibility mode for moving maximized windows between monitors is added
    - window menu is slightly improved: additional options of AltMin and Roll Up actions are grouped into a separate submenu
    - now you can remove (in the Window Menu property sheet) or reposition (in the Window Menu Options property sheet) special "Pin to desktop" and "Restrict placement" window menu items as well as any other menu items

  • Some minor bugfixes

    - now extra title buttons don't appear in the fullscreen mode of Microsoft Word 2003/2007
    - the compatibility with applications written in Visual Basic is improved (in particular, with WorkCentrics and NCSS 2007)
    - the bug is fixed: enabling the Command Prompt Windows Support when Tiny Personal Firewall is running led to system crash
    - now windows pinned to desktop react properly when the Control Center is stopped/unloaded
    - now the Change Window Title action works properly if the Window Caption criterion is enabled

I'd like to remind you that due to our upgrade policy the major updates should be paid for (even if you are a registered user of any version earlier than 5.0). However, the registered users of previous versions of Actual Tools are entitled to significant upgrade discount when upgrading to version 5.1. To get advantage of this discount, please visit our Upgrade Center (http://actualtools.com/upgradecenter/) and enter your original 3.x/4.x registration key there.

All others are welcome to try our software for 60 days for free and on their own see all the advantages our products bring to a day-to-day computer use. Visit our site now: http://actualtools.com/products/!

Note: If you are a blogger then you can take advantage of our Blogs Support Initiative and get Actual Title Buttons for free!


Alex Fadeyev,
Actual Tools
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