Actual Tools


Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Multiple Monitors.

The Mirroring facility lets you view some part of desktop in a special window. Such window is called a mirror and the part of desktop displayed in a mirror is called a source. In Actual Window Manager, you can create mirrors for the following types of sources:

After selecting the mirror source, you can adjust the parameters of mirror image. Actual Window Manager allows you set the kind of scale (fixed or variable), toggle the displaying of mouse pointer in the mirror image and specify the update interval (in seconds).

After activating, mirrors can be placed anywhere on the multi-monitor desktop. Using mirrors, you can duplicate/clone the image from one monitor onto another and easily control what happens within a certain application or on a certain part of desktop. This can be especially useful when some of your monitors are out of sight, and you want to control them from a single monitor at hand.

The Mirroring facility is available all the time the Control Center is running.