Actual Window Minimizer Testimonials

"I have a piece of software that I use everyday on my Windows® XP Pro SP2 desktop, and I need to have it up and running all the time. However, I kept accidentally closing it because it was on the task bar. I tried a couple other minimize-to-tray utilities before finding Actual Window Minimizer, but they just didn't work properly - Actual Window Minimizer does!"
Thomas McCune

"I was searching for Mozilla extensions but couldn't find a simple application/extension to minimize Thunderbird. Searched in Google and was very pleased to find your program. Tried it and it did exactly what I wanted. It is definitely worth the money!"
Klaas Dijkstra,

"I love tools that install easily, work and can actually use... Actual Window Minimizer helped me reclaim my desktop and keep track of the important programs I work with all day long."
Gregory J. Ritz,
IT Manager
Diagnostica Stago, Inc.

"I tried other Minimize-to-Tray apps that do this, although they weren't as easy or stable as Actual Window Minimizer. Overall, it was one of the easiest User Interfaces... so that was another reason I chose it."
David A Friedel,
Warwick, USA.

"I actually "discovered" Actual Window Minimizer when I searched online for a way to minimize Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. I used Actual Window Minimizer for a while, but when my trial period was up, I realized how much I loved your program. It was small, easy to use, and versatile. I purchased it online and I would definitely recommend this program to a friend."
Matthew Grotke,
Bronxville, NY.

"I was looking for something to minimize the clutter in my taskbar and move some icons to the permanent tray and came upon Actual Window Minimizer. I have been using it by default everyday for the last 2 years and have been very happy with it."

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