Search Results Page

The Search Results page displays the list of user interface objects that relate to a query currently typed in the search box:

Search Results page

Search engine considers the following text information:

  • captions of user interface panels and all their sub-controls

  • captions of built-in and user-added objects of the following types:

    • specific window settings
    • window exclusions
    • desktop profiles
    • desktop mirrors
    • virtual desktops
    • Desktop Divider layouts
    • Favorite Folders shortcuts
    • clipboard templates
    • hotkeys
    • mouse actions
    • Start Program shortcuts
    • title buttons
    • window menu commands
    • combo actions

To get to a found object, double-click or press <Enter> on a certain search result. If you did not find what you looked for, you can click the Back button to get back to the list of search results and either try another object or specify another search query.