Save Idle Screens Panel

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Multiple Monitors.

The Save Idle Screens panel allows you configure the Save Idle Screens feature:

Save Idle Screens Panel

  • Toggle manually by pressing the specified key combination check box - mark it to enable the manual feature activation/deactivation when the specified hotkey combination is pressed. In the related Key Combination group of controls you can customize the key combination to toggle the feature on/off;

  • Start automatically when a monitor remains idle for check box - mark it to enable the automatic feature activation after the specified delay (in minutes). In the related spin edit box you can specify the number of minutes;

  • Screen Saver Preview control - displays the current layout of displays and the customized screen saver view in according to settings specified below on this panel;

  • The monitor settings group allows customizing the screen saver for a certain monitor. In the related combo box you can see the name of currently selected display device and select another display from the list:

    • Screen saver combo box - here you can select any screen saver installed in your system;

      Important note!
      Not all existing screen savers are compatible with this feature. To be compatible, a screen saver must be able to run in a preview window.

      If you select a screen saver and do not see it running in the preview control then it's incompatible, and you should select another screen saver.

    • Settings... button - click this button if the selected screen saver exposes any additional options, and you want to customize them.