Save Idle Screens

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Multiple Monitors.

The Save Idle Screens feature allows you to run screen savers on monitors unused at the moment, without the need to turn such monitors off (which may lead to unwanted automatic re-configuration of a multi-monitor desktop on systems since Windows 7). Unlike usual system screen saver, screen savers activated by this feature do not shut down when you use mouse or keyboard. Screen savers can be activated manually or automatically.

To activate specified screen savers manually, press the special hotkey combination (<Win+Ctrl+S> by default) - and they will be running until you press the same hotkey again.

Automatic activation means that screen saver will be launched automatically on a certain monitor when that monitor remains idle for a specified time period (1/2/3/etc. minutes). Idle means that none of events listed below happened during that time:

  • mouse pointer enters the monitor
  • active window appears on the monitor
  • full-screen window (like video player) is running on the monitor

If the screen saver is started on a certain monitor and then any of these events happens - the screen saver will stop automatically so that you will be able to continue working with the monitor as usual.

Hint  This feature may be useful in the following cases:

  1. Work: When working with clients and one of your monitors faces the client - to hide the desktop on that monitor.

  2. Games: When playing a game on one monitor and not using the second one - to turn it "off".

  3. Home: When using a plasma TV as a second monitor - to prevent screen burn-in.

Important note!  Not all existing screen savers are compatible with this feature. To be compatible, a screen saver must be able to run in a preview window.