Recent Folders Panel

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual File Folders.

The Recent Folders panel allows adjusting the options of recently visited folders tracking and observe the current list of those folders.

Recent Folders Panel

Via title button check box - mark it to enable the Recent Folders title button (this option works the same as this option in the Default Settings).

Enable hotkey check box - mark it to activate and specify the key combination to invoke a submenu with the list of recent folders.

History group - here you can adjust the options of the recent folders history:

  • History depth spin edit - set how many shortcuts will be stored in the history. If the count of shortcuts exceeds the number specified here after adding a new item, the oldest item in the history will be deleted;

  • Clear history button - click this button to erase all shortcuts in the history and begin collecting them from scratch.

    Don't forget to click the Apply button to save your changes!

Recent Folders list box - shows the list of shortcuts to recently visited folders.