Actual Window Manager Log Window

The Actual Window Manager Log window displays the contents of the log file handled by the Windows Monitoring Log tool.

Actual Window Manager Log Window

Enable logging check box - works the same as this option but lets you toggle the logging state on-the-fly.

There is a list box displaying the list of window events currently stored in the log file. Here is the color legend used to display items:

purple font color default settings have been applied to a window
blue font color certain specific settings have been applied to a window
red font color window has been excluded due to a certain exclusion
white background the New window event happens
light green background the Caption changed event happens
light yellow background the VD activated event happens

You can customize the number of columns by clicking any column's caption and select which columns to display in the following context menu:

Log Window Columns Menu

Also you can right-click any list item to display Log window's context menu with the following commands:

Log Window Context Menu

  • Copy command - copy to Clipboard clicked item's value from the column where the click is happened

  • Copy line to Clipboard command - similar to previous but copies the whole line instead of a single value

  • Find... command - find the first item in the specified direction (up/down) containing the specified text

  • Find Next command - find next items in the specified direction (up/down) that contain the specified text

  • Modify applied settings,

  • Create new specific settings,

  • Exclude this window - these commands are identical to those ones available via Manage Window Settings context menu

  • Clear log command - clear the log contents

You can close this window either by clicking its standard Close title button or via the Hide log window command of Control Center's context menu.