Specific Settings

Specific Settings rules are used to customize the features, functions and appearance of specific windows in ways that differ from the default characteristics. For example, you might want to change the default set of title buttons, adjust size and positioning characteristics, or alter the minimization function for a particular window. After creating a Specific Settings rule, you can access the full range of options the particular Actual Tools program offers. You can create as many specific rules as you like and you can delete them as they become obsolete or useless.

Hint  You can simply disable a particular Specific Settings rule (by unmarking its check box) to force the associated window to conform instead to the Default Settings rule conditions. It's an easy way of taking the rule "offline" without permanently deleting it. This way - should you ever change your mind and decide to reapply your original settings for that window - you can do so without having to reconfigure them all over again from scratch.

Specific Settings rules require you to provide target window criteria for any new window you wish to create a rule for, and we suggest that you establish these criteria as a first step before altering any of the default rule option values. Also note that target window criteria define rule's preference rank.