Clipboard History Window

Available in: Actual Window Manager.

The Clipboard History window displays the list of data pieces recently copied into the system Clipboard and allows to select any of them to paste it into the current active window.

Clipboard History Window

There is a list box displaying the list of data pieces currently stored in the history. Here is the color legend used to display items:

black font color plain text
blue font color formatted text
green font color file(s)

Graphic data pieces are displayed as small preview thumbnails of original pictures.

You can use the following keys:

  • <Up/Down Arrow> - to select the required data piece

  • <Enter> - to paste the selected data piece into the active window (also, you can use the mouse double-click on the item to paste it)

  • <Ctrl+Enter> - to invoke the Paste text only command

  • <Del> - to delete the selected data piece from the list

  • <Esc> - to close the window

Also, you can click the right mouse button on any item in the list to invoke the following context menu:

Clipboard History Window Context Menu

  • Paste command - pastes the selected data piece into the active window

  • Paste text only command - is available only for data pieces of the "formatted text" type. This command pastes a piece as plain text with all formatting stripped off (the original piece remains unmodified).

  • Delete command - deletes the selected data piece from the list

  • Clear history command - deletes all data pieces

You can invoke this window either via special hotkey combination or via Clipboard submenu in the Control Center's context menu.