Clipboard History

Available in: Actual Window Manager.

The Clipboard History clipboard extension fixes the shortcoming of plain Windows Clipboard, which is able to keep only a single piece of data: when you copy another piece of data, the previous is lost. To fix this, Clipboard History tracks what data you place into Clipboard and keeps a copy of it. If you need any earlier copied data piece, you can press the specified key combination to invoke a window that will show you all data pieces put recently into Clipboard so that you can select any one of them to paste it again. Another way to open this window is the Clipboard submenu.

Currently, this extension supports the following data types:

  • plain text
  • formatted text
  • file system object (file, list of files, folder, link, etc.)
  • picture (graphic bitmap)

You can customize the Clipboard History options (such as number of data pieces to store a.k.a. history depth, key combination to invoke the history window, and other parameters) on the Clipboard - History panel.

The program saves the history list from time to time so that if you close the program and then run it again, your history remains preserved. For now, only text items (both plain and formatted) are saved, for the sake of speed and history file size (too large pictures or file system objects may require too much time for saving and therefore may affect the system responsiveness). The history file is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to stored data.