Multiple Document Interface (MDI) Windows Support

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Multiple Monitors, Actual Title Buttons, Actual Window Guard, Actual Window Menu, Actual Window Minimizer, Actual Window Rollup.

The Multiple Document Interface (MDI) Windows Support feature lets to apply some of Actual Window Manager window control functions to special type of child windows known as multiple document interface (or MDI) windows. The most well-known example of such windows are Microsoft Excel workbooks.

Generally, Actual Window Manager processes only top-level application windows and ignores child windows because:

  • there are too many of child windows in the system; processing all of them would produce a significant load on the system and might slow it down

  • majority of extra features either cannot be applied to child windows or has no sense for them

But unlike other child windows, MDI windows have most of top-level windows' features, like title bar, title buttons and resizable window frame so it is a natural wish to manage them in a similar manner and use the extra functions provided by Actual Window Manager. However, because of speciality of such windows some window actions cannot be applied to them, and others work differently than for usual top-level windows.

The following window actions are not available for MDI windows:

The following window actions work different for MDI windows:

Window actions not mentioned above should work the same as for usual windows.