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Iím using Actual Window Guard on a MacBookPro running MacOS 10.4.11. I have Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac installed on it which lets me create a Windows XP virtual machine. Within that VM Parallels provides XP drivers (Parallels Tools) for display, other hardware, etc. I have a second LCD monitor connected to the MacBook and, unfortunately, the Parallels display driver only supports one large desktop that spans both monitors (different sizes) so display management with Parallels is non-existent. There is no control over which XP applications open on which monitor or their window sizes (unlike Dell Latitude NVidia drivers which offer support for different displays and applications).

Actual Window Guard makes it much easier to manage XP applications as to where their windows are positioned when they are launched instead of the default center between both screens.

Bob G. - Sunnyvale, California

"I'm trying out Actual Window Guard and I think it's great. I use it primarily to have my Windows Explorer always open in the same size at the same spot. And that works. (You should have made this in 1997, I would not have gray hair now.)"
Rob Timmers

"Thank you for making a singularly useful product in your Actual Window Guard. For many moons I have been searching for a way to control the window positioning behaviour of my everyday applications. After frustrating myself time and again with useless registry hacks, application launchers, and macro recorders, I found your tool. In ten minutes, I've configured my applicatons and am using them with easy."

"You've done a really good thing in making this tool. It's the only one of its kind that I've seen, and I've looked for something like this for over three years (ever since I started working on a large desktop.) And it does exactly what it says it will do, especially with a number of apps whose windowing practices I was never able to control in any other way. Please keep on making this better in all of the suggested ways that you're hearing from other customers."

"This is a great and unique tool. I found it by luck - by doing a search, saying something like 'keep explorer window from closing' or something like that. It really helps me in my frustration when a window is closed by mistake and I can't find the site again!"
Eileen Miller

"For years I've been searching for a window management utility that did what Actual Window Guard does. My search is over. Thank you!"
Andre Pinheiro,

"I purchased Actual Window Guard to fix one problem application which would not minimize correctly on launch. AWG worked as advertized to fix this irritant. Now I have 24 different rules controlling priorities, locations, sizes, closing, in short, almost all of the features Actual Window Guard offers.
I have to say Actual Window Guard is one of the best "sleeper" tools I have. It's so much more useful than I would have imagined! And the new multi-monitor features are great!"
Paul Grace

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"Actual Window Guard allowes me to control what is happening on my desktop."
Todd Cochrane -
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