May 12, 2011

New Virtual Desktops Boost Workspace on Multiple Monitors

Now it is possible to create any number of virtual desktops on each monitor and switch them independently from other displays.

KRASNOYARSK, Russia - May 12, 2011: Actual Tools, a leading developer of multiple monitor software for Windows, has released a new version of their virtual desktop manager - Actual Virtual Desktops. The new version 3.0 introduces a new and long-awaited feature - independent virtual desktops on each monitor in a multiple display environment.

Virtual desktops are time-proven technology for organizing your workspace while working with a multi-tasking operating system. Users can group numerous open applications by their relationship to a certain activity within "screen pages". This process reduces desktop clutter and results in better productivity.

There are many solutions on the market that provide the virtual desktop facility for Windows but most of them, which are being run on a multiple display system, have the same weakness: they do not allow the end user to treat each monitor as a separate workspace - with its own set of virtual desktops. With this type of program, each virtual desktop spans the entire composite desktop so when you switch desktops it affects all windows on all monitors, which many users consider inconvenient for accomplishing certain tasks.

The new version 3.0 of Actual Virtual Desktops is the first software product on the market that combines the power of virtual desktops and multiple monitors into a seamless integrated solution. The program introduces the new Independent mode for virtual desktops. This new mode allows creating and managing "screen pages" on a specific monitor independently of others.

This type of innovative approach gives a user more flexibility in organizing his/her workflow because:

  • it's possible to create as many virtual desktops as needed just for a certain monitor,

  • switching desktops on a certain monitor does not affect windows on other monitors and,

  • some monitors can stay "desktop-less", i.e. windows placed there will be always visible.

To get more information on independent virtual desktops, please read the online article "Independent Virtual Desktops on Multiple Monitors" (

Prices and Availability

Actual Virtual Desktops runs on all Windows® platforms since Windows 2000 (including 64-bit editions) and costs $19.95 (USD) for a single-user license. Discounts for volume buyers are available (please refer to Additional information on Actual Virtual Desktops, a collection of tutorial articles and success stories, and a 30-day evaluation copy is available on the Actual Tools website.

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