May 19, 2010

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Alex Fadeyev
Public Relations Manager
Actual Tools

Souped Up Program Solution for Windows 7 Multi-Monitor Setup

Set to end the frustrations of all Windows 7 users who work with more than one monitor, Actual Tools has just launched a new version of Actual Multiple Monitors. It is the first multi-monitor management utility that provides the most complete emulation of Windows Taskbar on secondary displays.

May 2010: The Taskbar is an integral part of the Windows user interface and has been significantly redesigned in Windows 7 with such handy features as Pin and Peek. But owners of multi-monitor Windows setups discovered rather quickly there were no proper tools to efficiently manage tasks on secondary monitors. Even the newest Windows 7 still does not provide a Taskbar for this scenario.

No Taskbar means it is necessary to drag the mouse to the primary display and back each time certain programs need to be activated via the Taskbar button. This is also the case when a new application is launched via the Start menu or a particular icon is accessed in the notification area. This "mouse shuttle" effect quickly annoys and distracts, greatly increasing the workload and mouse clicks which may lead to repetitive strain injury.

Actual Multiple Monitors 2.1 by Actual Tools is the first product on the market to offer equivalent implementation of the Windows 7 Taskbar on secondary monitors. When launched, the program adds a full copy of the main Taskbar onto each secondary display. Each Taskbar copy has a Start button, copy of the notification area, and shows live previews over the Taskbar buttons (with support for the Aero Peek feature). It provides the unique ability to pin buttons, which is the case with the main Windows 7 Taskbar.

"Efficient task management in a multi-monitor environment is impossible without habitual instruments," said Michael Tretyakov, CEO of Actual Tools, "and our primary goal is to provide all multi-monitor Windows users with a task management tool fully identical to the main taskbar."

In addition to the outstanding multi-monitor Taskbar, Actual Multiple Monitors has many other features to manage multi-monitor desktop in an efficient manner. Alt-Tab Task Switcher is cloned on all monitors. There is quick toggling of secondary displays on/off. The primary display can be assigned via the context menu of the notification area icon. A special button in each window's title bar allows instant transfer of any window onto the required monitor.

Actual Multiple Monitors provides the ability to maximize any window to the entire desktop or implement horizontal/vertical maximization to its current monitor. It's possible to store various desktop configurations as named profiles and switch between them in a single click. Furthermore, the current order and layout of desktop icons can be stored and fully restored.

All these features combined in a single product make Actual Multiple Monitors a must-have program for each and every owner of dual-, triple- or other multi-monitor setup. The streamlined product answers all the prayers of those running Windows 7.

Pricing and Availability

Actual Multiple Monitors runs on all Windows® platforms since Windows 2000 (including 64-bit editions) and costs $29.95 (USD) for a single-user license. Discounts for volume buyers are available (please, refer to Additional information on Actual Multiple Monitors, a collection of tutorial articles and success stories, as well as a 30-day evaluation copy is available from

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