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While Windows 10 does have ways to tile applications on a single monitor, none work as well as separate monitors. However, if you’re resigned to using a large monitor or flat screen TV, you will want software to split it up so that you can easily anchor your applications. For example, you might want to take a 55″ TV and split it into as many as nine panels emulating nine separate monitors. I have tried several applications for this including “Actual Multiple Monitors” (AMM), “Display Fusion” and “AquaSnap.” They all offer free trials and can all be purchased for under $25. I liked AMM the best. Even with multiple monitors, I use AMM software for more subdivisions. (Article "The Benefits of Multiple Monitors",

Derek Eisenberg,
the principal of Continental Real Estate Services
and is a certified general appraiser in NJ, NY, PA and FL.

My key reasons for switching to Actual Multiple Monitors is because immediately upon installing and operating the trial period version I could see that this was clearly the best choice for me. There is smooth transitioning from the computer to all monitors, it handles multiple monitors very well, including multiple HDTVs, as if they were the primary desktop display, but I cannot say the same for the competition.

For instance, the program I was using prior to discovering Actual Multiple Monitors, Ultramon, mirrors videos in a very choppy, jerky manner, so much that any observer could have a massive headache or eye ache before completing a single feature. In fact, maybe they should say their product is the fastest at cut, copy, pasting because it most certainly is NOT mirroring. The strange part is the owners don’t seem to really care about the lower quality of their product, or they are just not really concerned when their customers bring it to their attention; they try to minimize the situation as best as they can and keep chugging along.

On the other hand, Actual Multiple Monitors performs mirroring in real time - instantly and proficiently, it’s as if viewing with the speed of an actual mirror, instantaneous. It's great and well worth the price. I don’t know how you do it but you do it very well, so keep up the good work. I just wish I would have acted a year ago, when I first read about your product, Actual Multiple Monitors.

Roger Morris, FL

Awesome, absolutely awesome piece of software! I just set up dual monitors and within in minutes I was cursing about not having a taskbar and start menu at the bottom of both so off to Google I go find a solution. I tried a couple of freebies and tossed them out within minutes. I downloaded your trial version and within minutes I was a very happy camper. I only needed a few minutes not 30 days to decide to make the purchase and the price couldn't be any better. I love things that make my life much easier and more productive. Job well done folks! A++++

Blair Mitchell, Canada

I have used Ultramon for some time as it came with the dual monitor setup that I purchased from Cinemassive. I did like the software, but I stumbled upon yours and decided to install the trial just to see if there was any difference. I immediately noticed things like having the system tray on both monitors and that the move stretch buttons for program windows were there for all windows, including my default browser Google Chrome (Ultramon still doesn't have those buttons for Google Chrome). I also noticed the ability to create regions to snap windows too. This is a fantastic improvement on the feature that came out with Windows 7, which only really works for a single monitor. I like the idea that I can break down my screens into regions and then fit windows into those regions simply and easily. It makes it so much easier to organize my work especially when I'm trying to read a document in Acrobat, perform computations in MathCAD or Excel, and compose notes in OneNote all while monitoring my e-mail and Facebook feeds. This is just excellent for those of us who need to multitask.

I haven't fully explored Actual Mutliple Monitors, but thus far I believe it is a superior product compared to Ultramon. You should try getting it in front of the folks at Cinemassive or other multi-monitor providers and get it bundled. I think it would be very useful for anyone who uses multiple monitors.

Jarrod Carter, WA

My research found that Actual Multiple Monitors can do what the others cannot. I am a writer and currently undertaking post graduate studies. Assignments mean that I have MS Word open in one screen while browsing/surveying multiple research pages on the other. Makes copy and paste a breeze. Research may include filed documents easily accessed on the secondary monitor through full duplication of the task bar and ‘start’ button. A single click to switch windows and the ability to pin programs to secondary task bar are only two reasons why the Pro Version should be the prime consideration. I highly recommend this program and the obvious professionalism of the company.
David Hurnall, Australia

Useful features increase the easy of use for Windows with saving settings of your desktop. Actual Multiple Monitors permits an intelligent use of your desktop. A must have.
Diane Hemmen-Schüler, Germany

I try it on Windows 7 and it works, I like the endless possibilities and new window controls.
Idris Kurtum, Turkey

Having 4 monitors is great for getting things done and much easier than using 1 or 2. The only problem is that Microsoft has not included any sort of utilities to help use/control a multi-monitor system. So anytime I come across a new utility for multiple monitors I just have to try the program out. This latest program called Actual Multiple Monitors is the best one that I have used so far and yes, I have used them all that run on Windows 7 64-bit. It makes it real easy to move windows from monitor to monitor, programs can be set to load/run on any monitor you desire, different wallpaper on each monitor. Only been using the program for one day and it already is my favorite multi-monitor utility - has all the options that I could ever want to control windows, wallpaper, even allows different screensavers for each monitor you have and I have not even gotten to the taskbar abilities and options. A new must have utility - at least for me.
Jeffrey Wisniewski, FL

I assumed that Actual Multiple Monitors would be another version of the same hard-to-use kind of program, but boy was I wrong! AMM is so much easier to use and I love the fact that the options are explained when you hover over them – either in the status bar or with a balloon tip. I feel that the first and best test of any Windows app is, “Can I use it without reading the directions?” and the second test is, “Can I search the help documents and find an answer quickly?” In both cases, AMM passed with flying colors! Not only is it a top-notch program in its niche but it is also a very well written and documented program across the full spectrum of Windows programs.
Steve Feldner, MN

This is the best tool by far if you use multiple monitors, a must have. I use multiple monitors at home and at work, same laptop but with different setups. Actual Multiple Monitors gives you options you can't get through Windows and allows me to get up and running with different configurations quickly. If you use multiple monitors you must try this application.
Walt Johnson, MD

Actual Multiple Monitors is an excellent tool and a must-have for everyone with a multiple monitor setup. With Actual Multiple Monitors you can customize every detail of your Windows experience with separate settings for each monitor. Plus, it makes it extremely simple to switch an application from one monitor to another. It truly makes having multiple monitors easy and convenient.
Christopher Lynch, NJ

I tried out the AMM demo and all I have to say is that this has been the best multiple monitor setup program ever! I love how I can get my taskbar in every monitor. Actual Multiple Monitors is very easy to use and completely hassle free!
Neil Sardesai, TX

I web searched for various tools. I have tried others that are freeware and worked reasonably well with Vista. I needed Windows 7 support and 4 monitors - so I tried yours and it worked well enough for me. After using it for a few months, I can say that it is stable and works well, and I would recommend it for anyone using multiple monitors on Windows 7.
Partha Srinivasan, CA

I'm a software developer, I often have 40 plus windows going across 2 screens. Was just searching for an alternative to UltraMon and someone mentioned you guys. I've searched for years to find a multi-monitor program that would duplicate the Start button - you got my sale as soon as I saw that. Your product is by far the best multi-monitor programing I've come across.
Rick Walrond, Canada

I was googling for multi-display solutions, found your product and UltraMon and liked your product more.
Janne S., Finland

I use my PC to run my 46" LCD TV in the living room and also the desktop screen in the office. This setup would be extremely frustrating without the ability to have taskbar functions in both locations. I don't just watch movies on the TV - I use it as a total entertainment PC. The only connection it has is to the PC, no cable or other services. I searched for "start menu bar on both monitors" in Google. I never even bothered trying any other solution because Actual Multiple Monitors works perfect. I pretty much use it for everything. It's created a virtual second computer for me.
Brian Remlinger, MA

My "Main" monitor is also a TV, so when watching TV I lost the ability to use my PC as I could not access the start bar from the other two monitors, now I can. I must say what an excellent experience you provide, great customer service, well done.
David Edmonds, England

Tried out three other multi-monitor utilities. Bought DisplayFusion. But ended up buying Actual Multiple Monitors, and purchasing it, for one reason ...and one reason only: AMM gives me more control over the secondary monitor's taskbar than does any of its competitors. Specifically, and mostly, AMM permits the system tray on the secondary taskbar.
Bill Brigham, AZ


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