[actualtools.com] New version 2.0 of Actual Multiple Monitors

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Hello, John Smith!

I'm glad to inform you that we have released the new version 2.0 of our new product - Actual Multiple Monitors!

This version is a truly major update: it is faster, more stable and far more feature-rich than the previous version 1.0 and most known similar products. Here is a short list of most important changes (the full changelog can be viewed here):

  • The Multi-monitor Taskbar extension now is able to display on secondary monitors a copy of Windows notification area (system tray), the clock and any of primary Taskbar's toolbars (like Quick Launch, Desktop, Windows Media Player, etc.), which means that all these essential controls can be accessed easily no matter how many monitors you have and which one you are currently working with! In addition, there are such usability enhancements as dragging the tray icons with the mouse (both in the primary tray or any of secondary ones), semi-transparent taskbars and the ability to stretch the Start button out to the multi-row taskbar in old visual themes (like Windows Classic or XP Blue/Green/Silver).

  • In addition to Aero Snap, the classic window snapping has been added. This feature is also known as "sticky borders": when you drag or size a window with the mouse, window's borders stick for some time to desktop boundaries and to other windows. This can greatly simplify the accurate positioning of windows!

  • Another helper tool which may speed up window manipulations is the Easy Dragging/Sizing: press the special combination of modifier keys (Ctrl+Win by default) to drag or size a window by any its interior point. In combination with the classic snapping this may become a killer feature which will save you a lot of time and will make the routine window management a child play!

  • Now you can automatically move windows by default upon their opening to a desired monitor: primary, exactly specified or having the mouse pointer. The last option seems to be especially useful so that it's selected by default; others may be helpful in some special circumstances.

  • The built-in checking for updates online has been added. From now, you can easily check if there are any new versions of Actual Multiple Monitors without visiting our website: you can either tell our program to request the information about updates automatically with the scheduled time interval (daily/weekly/monthly) or run the check process manually.

  • New hotkeys combinations are available now:

    • Ctrl+Alt+Num-, Ctrl+Alt+Num+ - to suspend/resume Actual Multiple Monitors, respectively;
    • Ctrl+Shift+S, Ctrl+Shift+R - to save/restore the desktop icons order, respectively;
    • Win+Shift+/ - to move a window to the previous monitor; it's a pair to the well-known Move to next monitor hotkey (Win+/ by default).

  • In addition to the Maximize to desktop mouse action, two new mouse actions have been added - Maximize horizontally and Maximize vertically. The first action makes a window fit its host monitor's width and can be invoked by right-clicking the regular Maximize title button with the Shift modifier key pressed; the second one makes a window fit its host monitor's height and can be invoked in a same way but with the Ctrl modifier key pressed (modifier keys combinations can be customized).

All this combined with the already existing functions makes Actual Multiple Monitors an outstanding and unique toolkit for the multi-monitor users! Everybody's welcome to try Actual Multiple Monitors for 30 days for free and see all the advantages it brings to a day-to-day computer use. Visit our website now: http://www.actualtools.com/multiplemonitors/!

Important note! Although this version is a major update, we decided to make it free for the registered customers. If you are a registered customer then you can simply download and install it over your existing version without any additional efforts. In case you have any questions regarding this new version - please contact our Customer Support Service.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Fadeyev,
Actual Tools