[ANN] Actual Window Manager 5.2 beta 1 is available!

Dear John Smith,

I'm glad to inform you that our Beta-Testing section is updated again: we have released Actual Window Manager 5.2 beta 1.

This beta is targeted mostly on the users of multi-monitor systems. Here is the list of the most noticeable updates (the full list of changes is available here):

  • Multi-monitor Taskbar

    This eagerly awaited extension of the Actual Window Manager functionality provides the ability to display a taskbar on each connected display in the multi-monitor environment. Such extension allows more convenient window management when you have several displays: you can easily switch between tasks running on a certain display without the need to drag your mouse back to the primary display to access the primary Taskbar.

    You should consider the following remarks when using the multi-monitor taskbar:

    • the secondary taskbars can work either independently or consistently with the primary Taskbar: in former case each secondary taskbar displays only the buttons of windows that reside on the same monitor; in latter case all secondary taskbars display the contents of the primary Taskbar (the mirror mode)
    • you can change the order of buttons on secondary taskbars dragging the desired button by the mouse with the <Shift> key pressed
    • there is a limited compatibility with some certain applications (such as Microsoft Excel, Acrobat Reader)
    • the minimizing/maximizing animation, if enabled, is played always regarding to the primary Taskbar despite which display the minimized/maximized window resides on

    You can enable/disable the Multi-monitor taskbar in the Options dialog, on the Multiple Monitors property sheet.

  • Multi-monitor Task Switcher

    The Task Switcher is the special system window which is displayed when you press <Alt+Tab>. By default, in multi-monitor environments it is displayed on the primary display only. Enabling the Multi-monitor Task Switcher feature, you can see the Task Switcher window on secondary displays as well.

    You can enable/disable the Multi-monitor Task Switcher in the Options dialog, on the Multiple Monitors property sheet.

Note As usual, I would like to remind that due to our beta-testing policy our beta versions have an expiration date after which they can't be used. Also, due to their nature, beta versions can't be registered, even with a valid registration data: they are not final products but betas! So when the beta version expires you should either roll back to the last stable release, update your beta to a new one (if available), or upgrade to a new stable release (if available).
The beta 1 of Actual Window Manager 5.2 will expire on October 1, 2008.

Therefore, we invite you to visit our Beta-Testing section and check this new beta on your own. Please post your bug reports and new feature suggestions to our Beta-Testing forum, all your posts will be surely answered and considered. Many thanks in advance for your help!

Alex Fadeyev,
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