Window Selector

Window Selector is a small easy-to-use magic tool that automatically fills the Target Window criteria fields with the correct values. You can activate it by clicking the Select Window From List button.

Window Selector Dialog Box

There is a list of currently running windows (some of them may be minimized) which consists of the four columns:

  • Window caption - a current window caption string. It is defined by an application and often contains the name of the application and, perhaps, some related information (e.g. document name, current program state etc.).
  • Program - a name of application's executable file.
  • Path - a full path to application's executable file.
  • Window class - a name of a window class as it is used by Windows®.

Follow the steps below to retrieve the necessary values with the Window Selector:

  • open the desired window
  • activate the Window Selector
  • find your window in the window list and select it by clicking the left mouse button or using the cursor keys
  • click the OK button
  • check the criteria fields in the Target Window pane: they will be filled with the proper values

Also, you can use the Flash Window button in the following manner to be sure you have selected the right window:

  • be sure the window you wish to configure is open
  • select this window in the list
  • click the Flash Window button
  • selected window's border and taskbar button will flash for a short time

Also you can use the Window Finder magic tool to retrieve values from a required window.