Window Menu icon Window Menu Property Sheet

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Title Buttons, Actual Window Menu.

The Window Menu property sheet defines what extra items should be added to target window's system window menu.

Window Menu Property Sheet

Actions Available Via System Window Menu group - contains the action list and the Action Options group. Action list displays the set of items where each item represents a single window menu item/submenu and has a check box on the left allowing to enable/disable this item so it will be, or will be not, displayed in target window's system window menu (also you can use the related toolbar buttons to enable/disable all window menu items at once). The Name list column displays the action name and the Status list column displays the current state of action parameters, if present. To adjust desired action's parameters, select it in the list and in the Action Options group below you will see some extra controls allowing to change action parameters (if action has no configurable parameters then you will see the "No extra options" note).

The following actions can be selected to execute via extra window menu items: