Flickr Image Search Parameters Window

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Multiple Monitors.

The Flickr Image Search Parameters window allows you to customize the parameters of the Flickr image search service:

Flickr Image Search Parameters Window

  • Search text edit box - specify here the search query to find the images you'd like to see;

  • User e-mail edit box - specify here the e-mail address of your Flickr account (if you have any) to rectify the search results according to your account's preferences;

  • Group name edit box - displays the name of a Flickr group which you'd like to search the images for. To fill this field, use the following Find group button;

  • Find group button - click to open the Flickr Group Search window where you can search for an appropriate group by keywords and select it to fill the above Group name edit box;

  • Clear button - click to clear the group name;

  • Most interesting check box - mark it to let the Flickr search engine rectify the search results and return only the most interesting images;

  • Reset button - click it to reset the search parameters to their default values;