Windows Layout Options Panel

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Multiple Monitors, Actual Window Guard.

The Windows Layout Options panel allows adjusting common options of Windows Layout tool.

Windows Layout Options Panel

Bind the layout to the desktop geometry check box - mark it to make the Actual Tools program remember the actual layout of currently opened windows for each desktop configuration and make the transitions between single-/multi-, or different multi-, monitor configurations smooth and convenient.

Restore only when monitors get connected or disconnected check box - mark it to track only such important events as monitor attaching/detaching and skip the less important changes of monitor positions/resolutions.

Keep layout automatically check box - mark it to let the Actual Tools program track the changes of desktop resolution and relocate the currently opened windows appropriately keeping their relative layout consistent with the enlarged/reduced visible desktop area.

Resize along with desktop check box - mark it to not only relocate but also resize the currently opened windows in according to changed desktop size.