How to Automatically Scroll Down to the End of Long Document upon Its Opening

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Window Guard.

  1. Create specific settings for the desired document's window.

    The good practice is to enable all the three Target Window criteria when creating settings for a certain document.

  2. Go to the Startup property sheet of just created settings.

  3. Mark the check box of the Run keyboard macro item in the Actions Available at Window Startup list box.

  4. Click the edit box in the Add key combination group of controls.

  5. Press the <Ctrl+End> key combination, then click the Insert button (or you can simply type the "<Ctrl+End>" string without quotes in the large edit box above the Add key combination group).

    If target document's editor uses another key combination for a quick jump to the end of document then you should press this combination instead of <Ctrl+End> (which is the most often used for such purpose).

  6. (Optional) If you wish the macro executed not exactly upon target document's opening but with some delay then mark the Delay before running check box and specify how long to wait before running the macro.

    Typing 0.5 will mean that the macro will be executed half a second after the moment the target document opens.

  7. Apply your adjustments.