How to Restrict Window Sizing and Movement within Defined Bounds

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Window Guard.

  1. Create specific settings for the desired target window.

  2. Go to the Position property sheet of just created settings.

  3. In the Change Window Position Automatically group mark the Restrict placement check box.

  4. In the related Window Border Limits group define the limits for any of four window borders, either manually or with the help of Window Finder magic tool.

    Example 1
    To prevent a window from coming to the right desktop edge closer than 200 pixels, mark the Right check box, then type 200 in the Right edit box and select pixels in the Right combo box.

    Example 2
    To confine a window within a horizontal stripe that has vertical margins relative to certain display resolution, mark the Top check box, then type 10 in the Top edit box and select % of current monitor in the Top combo box, then mark the Bottom check box, type 10 in the Bottom edit box and select % of current monitor in the Bottom combo box.

  5. (Optional) Use the Show button to display the allowed placement area in according to specified limits.

  6. Apply your adjustments.