How to Create Exclusion via the Configuration Window

Available in:Actual Window Manager, Actual Multiple Monitors.

  1. Open the desired window.
  2. Click with the right mouse button to the icon of Actual Window Manager in the system tray and select "Configure..."
  3. Go to the "Window Settings -> Exclusions" in the left menu of the the opened window.
  4. Click to the “Adds a new windows rule” toolbar button (or press the Ctrl+A hotkey) to add a new exclusion.
  5. Select this exclusion with left mouse button click.
  6. Select the window, which was opened in the step 1 with one of the two ways:
    1. Window Selector - just select the desired running window.
    2. Window Finder - just drag the crosshair icon to desired window.

  7. Click to the "Apply" Button.