How to Create and Manage Virtual Desktops

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Virtual Desktops.

  1. Go to the Virtual Desktops property sheet.

  2. Check the Enable Virtual Desktops check box.

  3. Select the desired mode of virtual desktop - classic (creating virtual desktops for the entire desktop) or independent (creating virtual desktops for each monitor separately).

  4. Click the Add item button at the Virtual desktops toolbar.

  5. (Optional) To better identify the just added virtual desktop, click the Desktop Name edit box and type there the unique and recognizable desktop identifier (we suggest you to name your desktops depending on their purpose - for example, Work documents, Internet etc.).

  6. (Optional) If you wish to further customize the desktop then click the Custom radio button in the Wallpaper group of controls and in the corresponding Load wallpaper from selector box browse the custom wallpaper from the desired folder (also you can select there either the Default radio button to display the current wallpaper or the Blank radio button if you wish to have a blank background on the desired virtual desktop).

  7. (Optional) For quick activation of the desktop using a keyboard shortcut, click the Enable hotkey check box and modify the key combination.

    The specified hotkey will not work until the global Enable hotkeys option is enabled.

  8. Repeat steps 3..6 to create as many virtual desktops as you need.

  9. Click OK or Apply to save changes.

Creating classic virtual desktops