Special invisible location used for interchanging data between windows.
Set of window rules defining the exact behavior for almost any window in the system. Can be changed via Configuration Module.
Configuration Module
Special program included into every Actual Tools program's installation package allowing to change the configuration.
Control Center
Special program included into every Actual Tools program's installation package that constantly monitors windows and defines their behavior according to the configuration.
Special Windows® folder that is represented as an area on the screen usually occupying most of screen space. This area is a placeholder for the opened windows and the icons of special items (like "My Computer" or "Recycle Bin"), shortcuts and other folders.
Hotkey (key combination, keyboard shortcut)
Set of keys which is assigned to a certain function of a program and, while being pressed simultaneously, invokes that function instantly. Using hotkeys is a way to operate program functions much more faster than using a mouse to click a way through menus/dialogs to invoke a certain function. Hotkeys usually include such special keys as <Ctrl>, <Alt>, <Shift>, <Win>.
Lock screen
Special screen the system displays when a user locks his/her current session by invoking the Lock command, either via system Shutdown/Log off/Lock menu or via <Win-L> keyboard shortcut. Lock screen shows the name of the user currently logged in and allows to return to this user's running session by entering his/her password.
Logon screen
Special screen the system displays when there are no active user sessions (i.e. no user is logged into his/her account) or when a user switches from one account to another. Since Windows XP, Logon screen shows the list of user accounts available in a system.
Regular expression
Text string of a special kind that describes a search pattern. For more information on regular expressions, please visit Wikipedia or special website devoted to regular expressions.
Runtime library
Special executable file (aimemb.dll/aimemb64.dll) which Actual Window Manager embeds into each running program to make its advanced window management functions available there.
Settings file
File containing all window rules' options you changed and saved using the Configuration Module.
Special window containing buttons for all opened windows and allowing to use those buttons for switching between windows.
Tray (system tray, Windows® notification area)
Special area on the right of the taskbar, usually contains the system clock and the icons of application working in background (antiviruses, firewalls etc.).
Window menu
Popup menu appearing after left-clicking on the leftmost icon of window's title, or right-clicking window's title or taskbar button.
Window rule
Fundamental element of every Actual Tools program that defines what windows should be processed by the Control Center and in what manner. The former is defined by the set of special criteria and the latter is defined by the set of options.