Change Run Mode

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Window Guard, Actual Window Minimizer, Actual Title Buttons, Actual Window Menu.

The Windows® operating system provides three standard run modes for the default appearance of the various system and application windows on your desktop:

  • Normal - the most common (and default) appearance for a window, this mode allows for the repositioning, resizing, maximizing (to full desktop-sized), minimizing (to a taskbar button), and restoration (from minimized) of windows.
  • Minimized - window is invisible but you can access it (and its various right-click menu options) via its taskbar button.
  • Maximized - window covers the entire area of the desktop, so you can't move or resize it; but you can either minimize it or restore it to its Normal mode.

The Change Run Mode action allows you setting the default run mode to any one of these three for practically any window on your system.

Hint  You can combine the conventional Windows® Minimized run mode with Actual Tools programs' enhanced Minimize Alternatively (AltMin) action to achieve even greater control over your windows!

Related actions: Change Program Priority, Minimize Alternatively (AltMin).

Possible triggers: Startup, Quick Window Settings.