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"Actual Title Buttons is an example of a useful shell extension application".

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Add Minimize To Tray and Stay On Top buttons to any program's title bar near Minimize/Maximize/Close Review info:
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Published Date: May 8, 2002

Actual Title Buttons:
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With so many shell extension tools out there most people's systems are bound to be enhanced by tiny programs that can offer specific features. They usually come with a tray icon to look at when bored, and a resident file that eats some of your memory. Not all of these tools are worth mentioning, much less deserve installation and use. Actual Title Buttons is an example of a useful shell extension application.

Actual Title Buttons is a tool that lets you add buttons with specific features to the application windows of your choice. There are but two buttons to choose from: Stay On Top and Minimize To Tray. The 'stay on top' feature brings the window to the top of the desktop and doesn't allow other windows to hide it partially or completely. The 'minimize to tray' option - a very useful thing indeed - lets you hide the current window to a tray icon so there's more space on the taskbar.

The buttons look just as the default buttons present in almost every application window: minimize, restore and close. They appear side by side the built-in buttons and react to the mouse cursor in very much the same way. You can add one or both buttons to any window and the program will remember your settings and invoke them every time you run it. Try this tool today and see for yourself.

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