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"With this program ... you can come up with some fantastic looking desktops".

Coaster - Icrontic Forums.

With this program (Actual Transparent Window) you can come up with some fantastic looking desktops.
Coaster - Icrontic Forums. Review info:
Reviewer: Coaster - Icrontic Forums
Published Date: August 23, 2002
Icrontic Rating: 94%

Actual Transparent Window:
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It seems everyone loves Modding their Desktops, sites that change your wallpaper, change your "skin" on Winamp or create a complete new shell for you to use can attract thousands of visits a day. Its not hard to see why either, with the correct programs you can really make your Desktop "beautiful" and Actual Transparent Window helps you achieve this goal.

Actual Transparent Window lets you add transparency effect to any window such as Taskbar, WinAmp, Menus and others in Windows 2000/XP
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With the advent of Windows 2000 and XP, many people love to add "transparency" to their everyday programs, and this is exactly what Actual Transparent Window achieves.

The program is extremely easy to use, for every window that you wish to add transparency; you must add a Windows "rule". Each rule is separate so with Winamp you can add different transparency rules for each section within Winamp (each WINDOW!). This really is a nice touch when using the play list for example. (See Screenshot).

To set-up a rule you have two options, by the actual Windows name or via core components within the program, both are auto inserted when you use the excellent in built Drag function. Simply drag the target to the Window you wish to make transparent and these details are filled in for you, leaving you to simply save the windows Rule and add a transparent value (0-100). Dont worry, they have also kindly included many "rules" to start you off, this is how I learned how to use the program, by following the other included "rules".

With this program, and using the correct transparent values (your own judgement required!) you can come up with some fantastic looking desktops. This program really is well written, and because it has only a rare nag screen (though it does expire) this program recieves Icrontics Highest mark.

Two Thumbs Up - Icrontics Highest mark!

Coaster - Icrontic Forums.

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