Actual Title Buttons Review by Ron Miller

Extending Window Control Behavior with Actual Title Buttons

Ron Miller.

Stupid Windows Tricks: Extending Window Control Behavior with Actual Title Buttons. Ron Miller. Review info:
Reviewer: Ron Miller
Published Date: February 24, 2007

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The other day as I was working in Windows, I was performing a task involving two programs. I thought it would be nice if I could force one of the windows to stay on top so I wouldn't have to switch constantly between the two programs.

I did a quick search and I came across a Windows utility called Actual Title Buttons from Actual Tools. This utility not only has a 'Keep on Top' functionality I was looking for, it does much more. It also will roll up the window, allowing you to see what's underneath, make your window semi-transparent or even enable you to move the window quickly to a corner of your desktop.

After you install Actual Title Buttons, it adds some additional window controls as shown below:

Actual Title Buttons extra controls

If you find this extended functionality overwhelming, you can show or hide individual Actual Title Buttons controls or the entire extended control panel on a program by program basis.

This utility extends the control you have over windows in ways that are incredibly useful. You can try it free for 60 days, but at only $19.95, it's well worth buying.

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