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Jeff Van West, author of Tablet PC Quick Reference by Microsoft Press, examines and recommends Actual Window Manager for Tablet PC owners

April 6, 2005: Actual Tools, the leading innovator in system enhancement technologies, today announced that the latest version of Actual Window Manager was examined by Jeff Van West who recommended it as a fine productivity tool for Tablet PCs. Mr. West is the author of Tablet PC Quick Reference by Microsoft Press and a regular columnist on the Microsoft Expert Zone website. AWM is an OS enhancement suite that provides users with over forty options to organize their desktop for convenient computing.

According to Jeff Van West, one of the Tablet's benefits is its small size. However this may often turn into its weakness when users need to work with more than two windows at one time. Open windows stack on top of one another and moving data between them involves a lot of window switching. Actual Window Manager has three window options to address this weakness and make life on a Tablet PC far more productive. These options are Pin on Top, Roll Up, and Transparency. Each option has its own title bar icon; Actual Window Manager adds these icons to all application and Explorer windows.

One tap on the Pin on Top icon puts the source window on top, while the target window is open below it. With the source window stuck securely on top, the user can drag any piece of information from one window to another without continuous window switching. If the source window gets in the way, the user can tap on the Roll Up icon to roll the window up like a window shade so that only its title bar remains visible. By pinning and rolling the window up, the user can have an instant peek to the window below without moving the pen around. Also, Tablet owners can make the Input Panel semi-transparent so that it doesn't obscure the desktop below.

"We are delighted that Jeff Van West credited Actual Window Manager and gave favorable comments in his article "Actual Window Manager is Must-Have Software on a Tablet PC," said Michael Tretyakov, CEO of Actual Tools. "Actual Window Manager offers a complete solution for improving your productivity with the new window navigation controls such as Minimize to Tray/Screen Edge, Pin on Top, Roll Up, Resize, Position and others. The program is changing the computation habits of thousands PC users at an incredible pace. And we are thrilled to be offering the same unbeatable combination of productivity options to Tablet PC owners."

The full text of the article "Actual Window Manager" is Must-Have Software on a Tablet PC" by Jeff Van West is available at the company's website: .

Availability and Pricing
Actual Window Manager runs under all Windows OS and costs $39.95 (USD) for a single-user license. Registered customers are entitled to the unlimited functionality, free updates and lifetime technical support. A 30-day evaluation version of Actula Window Manager can be downloaded for free at (2 Mb).

About Actual Tools
Actual Tools was established in 2001 by software engineer Michael Tretyakov. The company specializes in developing desktop enhancement software for the Windows platforms. Our flagship product Actual Window Manager delivers industry leading technologies including window minimization to tray/screen edge, window roll up, semi-transparency, pin on top, resize, and helps people improve their computational performance. For more information, please visit

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