Actual Tools announces Actual Transparent Window 3.5

For immediate release

January 20, 2005

Contact: Michael Tretyakov
Company: Actual Tools

Actual Transparent Window 3.5 Opens a New Way to Handle Windows

Actual Tools announces version 3.5 of Actual Transparent Window

Actual Tools, the leading innovator in desktop enhancement technologies, today announced the release of Actual Transparent Window, the latest version of the window navigation enhancer for the Windows platforms. The application allows the user to make any window semi-transparent in a click, with the transparency level being customized for each application or system window individually.

"Actual Transparent Window has many utilitarian functions," said Michael Tretyakov, CEO of Actual Tools. "For example, it can help you create carbon copies of images and documents where the Copy and Print features are disabled. Simply open the needed text, create a new document in your word processor, make its window semi-transparent and off you go! Read through and type a copy of the original document which otherwise will remain inaccessible."

"Another good thing about semi-transparency effect is that it gives your desktop a fantastic new look. You can experiment and enjoy the new look of the Windows taskbar, drop-down menus, lists, Instant Messenger and other desktop elements. According to our customers, they often apply the transparency effect to WinAmp and Widows Media Player, making them look even more sleek and stylish. Your eye will no longer stumble over a half-visible player that literally blends with the desktop."

Actual Transparent Window integrates and functions transparently throughout the Operating System. The user can make any window semi-transparent simply by clicking on the Make Transparent button placed on the current window title bar. By right-clicking on the same button, the user can access a drop-down menu and set any level of window transparency. Any window can automatically become semi-transparent when it is being moved, resized or simply becomes inactive.

Below are some of the most significant Actual Transparent Window features:

  • Manual and automatic transparency effect customization;
  • Semi-transparency effect when a window is inactive, being dragged or resized;
  • Semi-transparency effect triggered via the Make Transparent button, keystrokes or by double-clicking on the current window title bar;
  • Complete program documentation;
  • Multilingual support.


Actual Transparent Window runs under Windows 2000/XP and costs $19.95 (USD) for a single-user license. Registered customers are entitled to free updates and lifetime technical support. The fully functional evaluation version of the program is available for free at

About Actual Tools

Founded in 2001, Actual Tools is a software development company, focused on producing powerful desktop enhancement applications. We help people innovate and increase efficiencies by offering powerful and cost-effective solutions and services worldwide. Our highly successful family of desktop enhancement applications delivers industry leading technologies including window minimization to tray/screen edge, window roll-up, window transparency, window stay-on-top, and is setting the standard for the next generation computer interface.

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