Actual Tools announces Actual Title Buttons 3.0

For immediate release

October 14, 2004

Contact: Michael Tretyakov
Company: Actual Tools


Version 3.0 Supports Hotkeys

Actual Tools, the world's leading innovator in desktop enhancement technologies, today announced the release of version 3.0 of Actual Title Buttons. Designed for Windows platforms, the application enhances their window navigation system with such breakthrough controls as Minimize to Tray, Roll Up, Stay on Top, Align Window, Make Transparent and over handy functions.

The new window controls seamlessly integrate into the shell and can be triggered via corresponding Windows-style buttons that sit on a window title bar next to standard Minimize/Restore/Close buttons. Besides activating new controls with mouse clicks, version 3.0 allows controlling window behavior by means of keystroke combinations, the standard language of millions of IT professionals.

Actual Title Buttons will be of great benefit for a wide range of PC users who want to organize their desktop space better and improve computer operating efficiency as they are multitasking in several applications. The product will help our clients to do away with such problems as uncompromising one-way minimization, window clutter in the taskbar, machine-like window behavior, accidental data loss and others.

Along with the standard one-way minimization to the taskbar, our clients will be able to minimize applications to virtually any place on the desktop, be it the system tray or any convenient spot on the screen edge. Either way is good for bringing back to life the dysfunctional taskbar which may often become heavily cluttered with widows. To free the taskbar space, users can minimize less urgent programs such as Microsoft Outlook to the tray so that the taskbar is left for 2 or 3 more urgent programs.

For instant switching between two applications there is nothing better than rolling up an application window which resembles the way you raise and lower the blind. The benefit of this control is that the user is free from repetitive and time-consuming minimizing and restoring both applications. For example, now reading a foreign e-book, the user can simply roll up the Adobe Acrobat Reader window, look up an unknown word in the dictionary kept behind and go back to reading by unrolling the Acrobat Reader.

To further systemize work, our clients may examine the stay-on-top control which helps put any selected window on top of the others. This function becomes essential when the user intends to work with several windows and wants to have the contents of one window always visible. For instance, now you can make calculations in the Windows Calculator floating over the Microsoft Excel table and the Calculator will remain on top even if you swap between several tables.

To simplify window resizing and positioning on the desktop, our product offers two more window controls that can be immediately triggered via two separate title bar buttons. Each button has a predefined list of window alignment and size modes that can be accessed by right clicking on the corresponding button. What's more, the enhanced window navigation system can remember the typical layout and size of windows and automatically restore it next time you launch Windows.

Actual Tools' team offers 7 handy functions that can now be accessed with hotkeys. According to Michael Tretyakov, CEO of Actual Tools, "The latest version of Actual Title Buttons is our next step to make the product more flexible and easy to use for power users. They won't have to modify their computer operating habits because the new product has perfectly mastered the language of keystrokes they use".

The product costs $19.95 and its fully-functional evaluation version can be downloaded for free at:

About Actual Tools

Founded in 2001, Actual Tools is a software development company, focused on producing powerful desktop enhancement applications. We help people innovate and increase efficiencies by offering powerful and cost-effective solutions and services worldwide. Our highly successful family of desktop enhancement applications delivers industry leading technologies including window minimization to tray/screen edge, window roll-up, window transparency, window stay-on-top, and is setting the standard for the next generation of computer interface.

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