Actual Tools announces Actual Window Manager 2.6

For immediate release

May 26, 2004

Contact: Ann Smith
Company: Actual Tools

Actual Window Manager v. 2.6 Turns the Classic Windows Formula Upside-Down and Offers a Much Better Way of Working with Windows

Actual Tools announced today the release of version 2.6 of Actual Window Manager, a revolutionary windows enhancement application for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, available immediately at $39.95 (USD). The program dramatically expands Windows functionality and introduces a new window control system, more native to human perception. In producing the application, the Actual Tools team of software developers and cognitive analysts tried to bring to life the alternative desktop organization and control concept with the ultimate goal of creating a truly anthropocentric computer environment.

Actual Window Manager v. 2.6 is an integrated multi-language suite of six bestselling programs, previously marketed as separate products. The application features roll-up/unroll, transparency, stay-on-top, minimize to tray/to the edge of the screen window controls, visually realized as additional to standard Minimize, Restore and Close Window buttons on the title bar. Fine tuning of these and other controls is available in the Configuration Mode where you can easily specify the behavior for any application window so that it looks and functions the way you want it.

The program's controls let you make any window semi-transparent so that you work with it and simultaneously see through it the contents of the other window without repetitiously minimizing and maximizing both windows. To have the window constantly visible, you can click the stay-on-top button and put it on top of the others.

Now, you can take the advantage of three window minimization options. Click the roll-up/unroll button to reduce your window to the title bar which you can place anywhere on the desktop and then unroll it. You can minimize the window to a small icon either in the system tray area or on the screen edge. The latter variant allows you to drag the icon over the desktop and place it whenever you want it. For more details about the program, please, visit our website at

Alternative window controls considerably enhance your computing experience by offering more convenient and logical ways to handle windows. With diverse minimization options the user is able to eliminate window clutter problem on the task bar and easily work with a large number of windows. Transparency and stay-on-top options let the user better concentrate on work, not on disorienting manipulations with windows. The program gives much freedom in organizing the working area.

"Windows interface is structured by the concept of a desktop, on which objects rest and can be manipulated. Here, at Actual Tools, we are trying to develop this idea to the full extent of its potential," said Michael Tretyakov, CEO of Actual Tools. According to Mr. Tretyakov "Working with Actual Window Manager, you think of icons and windows and act upon them as you would on actual desktop. Our recent experiment has shown that people use the rollup option much more often than the standard minimization to the taskbar. Intuitively, minimizing to the title bar resembles the way you look out of the window - you pull the curtain up, not down!"

The trial version of Actual Window Manager is available on-line at and can be downloaded at

About Actual Tools

Founded in 2001, Actual Tools is a quickly developing software company which main goal is to bring to life the alternative Windows interface control system more native to human perception. The company has gained unanimous recognition for its flagship project Actual Window Manager which has become a "must" for many homes and offices throughout the world.

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