Actual Tools announces Actual Window Minimizer 2.5

For immediate release

January 15, 2004

Contact: Ann Smith
Company: Actual Tools

Windows shell enhancement to organize uncluttered desktop space for convenient working.

Actual Tools announced version 2.5 of its innovative desktop space saving and organization software that allows minimizing any window to task tray notification area or to the edge of the screen. Actual Window Minimizer 2.5 handles all standard application windows making it easy to organize uncluttered desktop space for convenient working. An average system running Actual Window Minimizer is much easier to use thanks to ergonomics concepts utilized in this software.

Actual Window Minimizer is intended both for home and corporate users who would like to get a better view of desktop by using alternative windows minimization method rather then using traditional ways of placing minimized windows on the Taskbar. Due to the fact that application icons are in most cases self-explanatory it is often enough to minimize inactive windows to task tray area or to the edge of the screen without having to display additional textual description. However, hovering mouse cursor over minimized window icon provides such information, making it easy to master such alternative minimization technique both for advanced and newbie computer users.

"As computers grow more versatile we all tend to use more applications at once," - said Michael Tretyakov, CEO of Actual Tools. "This in turn makes our desktops messy and cluttered with buttons, text and other elements representing various applications running. Some users have already purchased the second monitor to expand their desktops, but I believe there is a far simpler and cheaper way to sort the things out. Simply minimize, and we actually mean it, the applications that does not require you to look at them and focus on important issues!"

According to Mr. Tretyakov "Actual Tools did its best to create a truly convenient alternative window minimizing tool that is easy to use for everyone who can click a mouse button. Keeping desktop clean means less distraction, which in turn means steadier operation and healthier computing experiences!"

In the latest version of Actual Window Minimizer adds the following new functionality:

  • "Minimize Window to Tray When it is Launched" option.
  • "Minimize Window to Tray When it is Deactivated" option.
  • Command for sorting windows rules by name, in order to make the rules easier to find.

Actual Window Minimizer runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP, costs $19.95(US), and may be purchased securely online at

About Actual Tools

Founded in 2001, Actual Tools Software Company mainly concentrates on enhancing currently available Windows operating systems interfaces and providing expanded functionality to commonly used shell resources. Actual Tools mission is to provide end users of virtually any level of computer skills with adequate software understanding and utilization concepts. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, Actual Tools offers its customers better ways of using the wheel for their own computing pleasure and comfort. Actual Tools product range has power solutions for both individuals and corporate customers.

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